| Book Covers |

With Caspar's love of imagined and fantastical realities, it stands to reason that he lends his hand to producing visually stunning illustrations that complement the contents of these novels.

| Character Design |

You would be hard-pressed to find examples of Caspar's work that didn't include character design in some capacity. His rendering of the human form borders between realism and exaggeration, allowing him to convey character without look like a shoddy characature.

| Graphic Novel – "The Three Kings" |

Currently known in spirit as The Three Kings – this seedling of a graphic novel follows the search of a mob-hired detective for a killer, taking down high-ranking members of the three local crime circles; which were in a pretty shaky alliance beforehand.

| Editorial |

The best accompaniment to a written, informative piece is an image that nicely summarises the contents of the article in a manner that hooks the viewer into knowing more – Caspar's obssesion with story-telling makes this look easy.

| Branding – General Purpose |

The often mollycoddled male teenager faces a rude awakening when they leave home: their own place is a state. General Purpose attacks with stringent discipline and the combined might of its armed cleaning forces – these "boys" have no excuse for filth now.

| About Caspar |

Caspar is an illustrator/designer hybrid from Oslo, Norway. His studies brought him to England and the Illustration course at Falmouth University where he put his talents to the test. Caspar is now back on home turf, looking for more creative oppotunities.

| Contact Caspar |

If you want to get in touch with Caspar to offer him work, talk collaboration or introduce yourself, you can do so in several ways:

Caspar R. Heide